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Joomla! License Guidelines

Last Updated (Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11) Written by Mitchell Attard Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11
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This Web site is powered by Joomla! The software and default templates on which it runs are Copyright 2005-2008 Open Source Matters. The sample content distributed with Joomla! is licensed under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License. All data entered into this Web site and templates added after installation, are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners.

If you want to distribute, copy, or modify Joomla!, you are welcome to do so under the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you are unfamiliar with this license, you might want to read 'How To Apply These Terms To Your Program' and the 'GNU General Public License FAQ'.

The Joomla! licence has always been GPL.

Only one edit window! How do I create "Read more..."?

Last Updated (Wednesday, 06 August 2008 19:29) Written by Mitchell Attard Wednesday, 06 August 2008 19:29
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This is now implemented by inserting a Read more... tag (the button is located below the editor area) a dotted line appears in the edited text showing the split location for the Read more.... A new Plugin takes care of the rest.

It is worth mentioning that this does not have a negative effect on migrated data from older sites. The new implementation is fully backward compatible.


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